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This is an open book course making it easy for you to pass! Review the course while answering questions.

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You will receive a FREE completion receipt when you finish the course. It is available any time you need it by logging into your account.

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Our entire course is an open book course making it easy to read and fast to finish. Review the course while answering questions

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For your convenience, we submit your completion electronically to the court. You don't need to send anything yourself!

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No need to stress about passing a test! Only short quizzes after each section. Retake until you pass!

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Eligibility Requirements for Taking a Defensive Driving Course:

  • You have not attended a Defensive Driving course for an eligible traffic citation issued within the past 12 months. Your eligibility to attend a Defensive Driving Course is based on the date of violation, not on the date you last attended a Defensive Driving Course.
  • Your violation must be on the list of eligible violations. Click here to view the list.
  • If eligible, you can attend to have only one violation dismissed.
  • If you were involved in a serious injury accident or fatal accident, you are not eligible.
  • You must complete your course no later than 7 days prior to your court date.
  • Have a 4-hour minimum to 4.5 maximum available hours to completed the online course
  • Payment must be made prior to starting the course
  • You must have your citation, driver's license, and any other applicable paperwork submitted to the defensive driving school after registering but prior to starting the course.
  • You must have registered and paid the defensive driving fees at least 8 days prior to your court date.

Exit Or Enter The Course Your Work is Saved for You

You can exit or enter the online course any time as often as you like. Your progress is automatically saved for you. This also allows you to take breaks whenever you want. You may take as long as you would like to complete our defensive driving course.

Certificate of Completion submitted electronically

Your defensive driving certificate of completion will be submitted electronically to the court for you. Upon completion of the course, you will get a receipt with your payment and course information.

100% Secured Site

Our entire website is protected with the most secure server technology, which encrypts all your information ensuring that you can take our course with the confidence that your personal information is being protected at all times.

Price of the Course

All approved Arizona Defensive Driving Schools are required to collect the court diversion fee, state surcharge, and state fee before the start of the course. The cost includes the court diversion fee (Varies by court), state surcharge of $45.00, State fee of $24.00, and processing fee $9.95. The total cost varies by court. Click Here to find the price.

Approved by Arizona Defensive Driving Board

For more information you can visit or call the toll free phone number: (888) 334-5565.

Refund and Cancellation policies

Once you start the course, due to Arizona law, the state fee and state surcharge and sometimes the court diversion fee cannot be refunded. Our refund policies have been reviewed by the Arizona Defensive Driving Board. please review them here.